gaidoraki is located in Cyprus, an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea,
at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, which gives it a unique culture.
Our designs are inspired by traditional Cypriot proverbs, handcraft and culture.
Our brand name consists of a beloved little donkey and a tiny gift.

Our aims

– Introduce the fascinating Cypriot culture through our products
– Support local businesses and crafts
– Have an artisanal production while maintaining the traditions of the local culture
– Find ways for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to live better together by a creative approach

Designed and Crafted in Cyprus

All of our products are proudly made in Cyprus.
We thus participate in creating employment and preserving the traditional handcraft know-how while reducing our ecological footprint.
We believe in supporting the local economy.
By keeping our production local we ensure the quality of our products as well as fair working conditions.
We love collaborating with other creative businesses to encourage local talent.

Different people
livING better together

The sewing of our products has been executed with care and attention to detail by the refugees of the sewing cooperative Refumade, aimed at refugees and asylum seekers living in Cyprus to learn skills and help rebuild their lives.
Lots of different people live together in Cyprus and we believe that enhancing this diversity is pivotal to the evolution of modern society.
We hope that our products will encourage mutual help among the different people living in Cyprus and make our customers feel closer to them.

Redesign traditional crafts
and culture

Our designs are inspired by traditional Cypriot proverbs, handcraft and culture. There are many fascinating handcrafts in Cyprus. We incorporate them into our products and they can be used in our everyday modern life.
We believe in having an artisanal production while maintaining local traditions along with a new product design and trying to reinterpret the island’s colourful tradition. We are also working on collaborative products with traditional local artisans. Please follow our updates!


We use eco-friendly materials. The packaging of the different products is made from recycled materials and we aim to keep the usage of plastic-based materials to the bare minimum.

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